Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Garage Workbench.

Recently with our move to the new house I  had the opportunity to make a work bench in the garage to consolidate my tools that were in boxes throughout the house, garage, and shop. 
Removing the old shelves was half the fun! Too bad I didn't get to use a jackhammer. 



HomeDepot had a special on 12ft 3/4 pressboard, so I covered this unit for cheep. 
Turned out better than expected, and held more than I thought. Looks like I need another shelf already since this one is full.

Thanks for reading!


Mary Ann said...

Very handy, and very helpful!

Alex said...

...Mike, Hi
I have to tell you ,I think You & Kelsi ARE SO Talented ,what with working & All the building & gardening, Making new things, I am in awe of what you two have accomplished sense you have been married.You Both have SOOO Much Potential to give back to this earth, & to others.
I cannot tell enjoyable it is for me to read your accountings on these pages, & what you have done with the huge undertaking that was/ is in front of you.
Ah, Youth, I was like that at one time...Maybe thats why I so enjoy reading & seeing what you two do with your energy & Ideas..
Thank You for All Your Reads.
Blessings to You & Kelsi..May your days be full of sunshine,some rain, & small bumps in the road,to make you strong for the days ahead.
..Love & Hugs
Grandma Niswander Sobczak....