Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Garage Workbench.

Recently with our move to the new house I  had the opportunity to make a work bench in the garage to consolidate my tools that were in boxes throughout the house, garage, and shop. 
Removing the old shelves was half the fun! Too bad I didn't get to use a jackhammer. 



HomeDepot had a special on 12ft 3/4 pressboard, so I covered this unit for cheep. 
Turned out better than expected, and held more than I thought. Looks like I need another shelf already since this one is full.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Moving, and Then Some

Well thank goodness the moving is over! Everyday was a journey, harder and longer than planned. Here's a recap of our long and hectic trip.

Kelsi started packing long before the move, which was more than helpful. We ended up with this mountain of boxes in the living room as a result. 
The outside stuff ended up being more work than inside. Rolling hoses, pulling fence posts, lifting garden boxes, and more.

When I was pulling up the garden I found a huge bags worth of carrots that I had forgotten to pull.
I also found an equal amount of beets.
The day I pulled down the fence to the garden the geese and ducks went to town on the remains. 
The chickens made a dent too, but the worst damage was done by a huge flock of deer. I was unable to get a picture of the deer since they run so fast. It was sad to see our garden chewed away in a matter of hours.
Then, after all of our prep work, we finally got the key. We were loaded up and were sitting in the driveway of the new house when the closing attorney called to say it was ours. That's how excited we were. 
On our first trip over we brought the cats and dogs. I took the cats. It was a long and frightful experience for them.
Maybelle sat on my shoulders for the majority of the trip, which was a huge pain since she is a big girl.
We put the cats on the cat tower when we got the new house since that's familiar to them. They stayed there huddled together for a long time
We have hardwoods throughout the upstairs of the house which were covered with by carpet. Naturally we had to remove them before we put the furniture in. 
A pile of carpet nail strips really paints the best picture of the work involved. This is only one rooms worth. We pulled hundreds of staples and nails from the floor. We thought that was hard, but we still need to refinish them.
The dogs settled in right away, no change there.
The cats took a day or two, but they soon came out from the safety of the basement and took to the bed like usual.
After the interior of the house was all moved in we set out for the greenhouse.
I jacked it up and placed it on blocks so we could move it more easily. 
We were planning on moving the greenhouse with many men and a large trailer, luckily a friend with some heavy equipment became available and was able to lift the greenhouse with relative ease. 

A perfect fit for the trailer.
It was nice following my greenhouse through the streets of Spokane. We made it to the new house in one piece. 
Lessons learned from the first time we setup the greenhouse taught me to put down lots of bricks to keep the heat and suppress the weeds. Luckily we had a half pallet worth at our old house.
I also invested in some weed cloth as an extra barrier. Grass coming through bricks is especially hard to pull out from experience. 
I lifted the greenhouse with a jack, which made it easier to get the cloth under every square inch of brick. 
I ran out of brick part way through, but the cloth is down and some day soon I will have the rest bricked in. 
We also had lots of cat traps laying around. Caught one!
Shortly after moving in we adopted a new dog from the Airedale Rescue. His name is Rowen or "Roe". A good dog with a big heart. Such a lover.
He took to us right away.
He fit right in with our busy family.
They play like this all day long

They also stay close during resting periods.

To say goodbye after a long post, I would like to wish everyone a happy Chanukah. 

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