Sunday, March 4, 2012

Who Wants This Fish?

Yesterday provided an increase in temperature. The ice in the pond has finally started to melt. I broke the ice up as best I could with a hammer, hoping to give the fish access to some freshly oxygenated water. 
During my smashing I found a dead goldfish. A pretty big one too!
We try not to waste resources here, so I went to find a hungry friend to eat this fish.
Yes, I could give it to Julies, but her kidneys aren't great and she's not supposed to have protein.
I could give it to this cat that follows me everywhere? Maybe; Ill check back.
How about that goose over there? "Gloria"
Nope, she wants to run away instead.
So I gave it to Matilda.

But she was more interested in me than the fish.
I knew the ducks would be happy for a fish. So, I searched for them.
I found them hanging near the coop.
With a single, well placed toss, the fish was in front of the ducks. A split second later Willis had the fish in her mouth.
As quickly as the feast started is as quickly as it ended. The ducks were off on a new adventure.
I found Julies nearly a half an hour later loitering at the same site that I threw the fish to the ducks.
She had been digging and eating the ice chips from the place where the fish had landed for half of a second. Silly dog and a poor looser if you ask me.

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Mary Ann said...

Our ducks would have gobbled it up in a sec!