Thursday, March 15, 2012

Transplanting Peppers

The peppers were big enough to transplant, so Kelsi and I spent the afternoon in the greenhouse yesterday doing just that!
We also moved the onions outside to free up some room under the grow lights.
Kelsi made up all the labels.
Look at her fingernail! 
We ended up using 9 flats loaded with 18 4" pots each.
We had a lot of help from our pal Matilda (top right).
She kept a close eye on us.

Peppers always seem to be sad after transplanting. The leaves get saggy and the plants just look terrible. We try to counter that by watering with warm water after transplanting and we try to limit the time they have to spend outside before getting them back under the lights.
In total we have 159 peppers and eggplants! Not too bad at all. Warming mats were a success!

Thanks for reading!

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Mr. H. said...

Good job! That's a whole lot of peppers and eggplants.