Monday, March 19, 2012

Spading Fork

Businesses that have great customer service are becoming increasingly rare. It seems that making a 'buck' is a little more important than treating people right.
That's why I was annoyed when I broke my favorite spading fork. I use this tool more than any other. This tool is the boss in the garden and can handle anything in the chicken coop. A truly versatile tool. I noticed on the label that it said five year warranty. So, I contacted Ames True Temper customer service. They had me take some photos of the tool for them and they promptly replied to tell me that they will be sending me a new one.
Sure enough! A week later this big box was at our door!
My brand new spading fork! Looks like it has a little more reinforcement in the area that broke on my other one. Hopefully I can get years of service out of this one too!

Thanks for the great customer service True Temper!


K-Koira said...

Nice! It is always great to find those rare companies that stick by their products.

Eric said...

I thought you might like this

Mike said...

I would love to buy a spading fork from them! That was some serious craftsmen ship on the ax and handle