Friday, March 2, 2012

Seed Starting 2012, Round 2

We find ourselves consistently looking back at our blog for historical data relating to our seed starting schedule, transplant dates, and so forth. We are going to try to post more of our schedule on the blog in order to better document and track our schedule and successes. So some of this info may not be interesting, but we will use it next year to better help us through this busy season.

Today was the day for cold weather crops and tomatoes. In total, nearly a thousand seeds were sown at The Halpern Homestead today. 
Tray 11: Tomatoes. 72 pods. 6 varieties.
Tray 12: 36 pods of tomatoes, 3 varieties. 12 pods cauliflower, 12 pods cabbage, 12 pods broccoli.
Tray 13: Lettuces, 12 pods of each variety, 6 varieties. 

Handful of cauliflower.
Handful of lettuce.
Peppers day 30.

Onions day 30.

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Mr. H. said...

Wow, your peppers are way ahead of mine and look to be off to a great start.