Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Friends for Warmth!

Since our incubation was a miserable failure, we decided to get some friends for the two surviving chicks. Chicks seem to do better for us in groups of 4 or more. This is especially important because our brooder is outside, and extra chicks means extra warmth.
We bought 3 chicks from BigR. Matilda is always the first to greet new friends.
Plymouth Rock, Gray Araucana, and another Barred Rock chick.
These are our twin Araucanas.
Plymouth Rock making her way in.
Then the Barred Rock.
Then the new Araucana.
They were all buddies right away.

Two days after we bought or warming friends we found something in our incubator.
One last chick broke out. She is a Silkie mix of some sort. She hatched 4 days after the due date. Must be a strong little guy!
She is now with the the chick gang. Quite a bit smaller than the rest, but they seem to have taken her in.

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