Monday, February 20, 2012

The Halpern Homestead Animal Haven. Maybelle

In November a friend of Kelsi's had a little kitten that needed a place to live. Those of you who know Kelsi, know that she doesn't turn down an animal in need.
We named her Maybelle. She was the sweetest kitten. So full of love.
She has the brightest eyes.
She was so clumsy and awkward when we got her. Just a ball of fuzz.
She quickly developed a feisty personality. She's the kind of cat that waits around the corner for you, and attacks your leg when you come around. In a playful way of course.
She loves to climb. 
And she is pretty good at it.
The big cats were a little standoffish at first. Maybelle quickly took over the top of the cat tower. Formerly owned by Walter (The fat black one below). 
Eventually Walter decided to take his thrown back.
Sharing is caring. They were the best of friends.
Matilda was a little less welcoming. She took to unusual hiding spots to get away.

I took a little time and soon enough, Maybelle was sleeping with Matilda at night.
Then Khma.
And momma.
She is also a notorious water thief! 

She just had her spay the other day, and even a surgery can't slow her down. Just as feisty and full of energy as always.

Welcome to the family little fella. 

Thanks for reading!

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