Sunday, February 5, 2012

Furniture Building: Front Entrance Bench and Shoe Cubby- Painting/Priming

I have been patiently waiting for a warm day to paint our 'Mudroom' style bench/cubby. Today was the day. We had a really nice warm and sunny day here in Spokane, so I decided to paint outside.
This is the bench after a coat of primer applied the week before in the shed on a decently warm day.

First coat of paint. It is much easier to paint outside than it is to paint in the shed. I was glad for the opportunity!
The back.
The photo above shows the bench with the top piece. It is lifted up because I had extra time and was able to paint the seat before it got too cold. I was able to do both coats of green paint as well. I just need to paint the front trim with two coats, apply one more coat to the bench top, and secure the top to the base. In the middle cubby, 2 pieces of laminate tile are shown; we are going to use these to cover the surfaces that come in contact with the shoes. I haven't ever done tile before so it will be interesting.
I put the bench away for the night in our crammed shed. I wish I had a woodshop, but I am happy to have a saw and be able to work outside. We are nearly done!

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It's looking great.