Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 10 of incubation

Fully loaded with 42eggs. No signs of distress, all is well at the half way point. We will be selling the chicks when they hatch. So let us know if you are interested. 


Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Halpern Homestead Animal Haven. Olive

Meet Olive. She came to us from the home of a cat hoarder. She was one of more than 25 cats taken from a home in Spokane in January. 
She came to us very frightened. This picture was taken moments after arriving at our house. She quickly ran behind our messy toilet and was very scared.
Her next hiding spot was behind this cooler. She stayed behind the cooler for 2 days. She would hiss at us when ever we came near. 
We would sit on that bucket with the blanket on top each day and just talk to her to try and ease her fright.
Each day we made a little progress. On day 3 or 4, Olive decided that the kennel was a suitable place to hide. She would alternate between here and behind the cooler on the floor as her comfort changed.
She wouldn't let us pet her, just looking at her was a challenge for her nerves.
She had a lot of visitors while she was hiding. Especially Maybelle. She was persistent. Always waiting for her to come out. All for not. 
By about the 1 week mark she was starting to come out in our presence. At this point we were able to pet here a little bit, but just on the head, and she was quick to swat at you if she didn't like it.
This day was a big day for Olive. She came out of the kennel,  all the way, right in front of me. We used toys to lure her out.
By the middle of the second week she was starting to flirt a little.
She would even let Kelsi hold her, briefly.
Her and Maybelle came face to face for the first time. There was a lot of hissing and then Olive retreated. They played this dance for days. 
She would follow this ball and yarn all around the storage closet.
We used it to get her more comfortable with areas that she hasn't been before. Like the top of this vegetable rack.
She started staying on the rack at night and watching out at us from the darkness of the closet.
She finally left the storage closet on the tenth day at our house.
This is after a month of patient work. Maybelle and Olive hanging out in the living room.
This is Olive in the bed with momma. She has come so far.

She now hangs out with us on the bed and enjoys being pet. It is amazing how far she has come. Kelsi really did a great job with the pet therapy on this cat. She spent hours sitting in the closet, just being near Olive. She was so patient with her, and it really helped Olive become as comfortable as she is now. She still can be timid at times, but she is coming along very well and a perfect fit for our house.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ice Skating, Halpern Homestead Style!

During the winter the webbed footed gang have been practicing their ice skating skills. The frozen pond was just what they needed.
Depending on the day, you could see all of them sliding around on the ice, trying to keep their balance.
They were getting pretty good.

Julies even got some practice. 
The pond has since thawed and the birds are back to swimming. The fish seemed to have made it through the winter as well. 

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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Halpern Homestead Animal Haven. Maybelle

In November a friend of Kelsi's had a little kitten that needed a place to live. Those of you who know Kelsi, know that she doesn't turn down an animal in need.
We named her Maybelle. She was the sweetest kitten. So full of love.
She has the brightest eyes.
She was so clumsy and awkward when we got her. Just a ball of fuzz.
She quickly developed a feisty personality. She's the kind of cat that waits around the corner for you, and attacks your leg when you come around. In a playful way of course.
She loves to climb. 
And she is pretty good at it.
The big cats were a little standoffish at first. Maybelle quickly took over the top of the cat tower. Formerly owned by Walter (The fat black one below). 
Eventually Walter decided to take his thrown back.
Sharing is caring. They were the best of friends.
Matilda was a little less welcoming. She took to unusual hiding spots to get away.

I took a little time and soon enough, Maybelle was sleeping with Matilda at night.
Then Khma.
And momma.
She is also a notorious water thief! 

She just had her spay the other day, and even a surgery can't slow her down. Just as feisty and full of energy as always.

Welcome to the family little fella. 

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Grow Station Progress.

Day 4. No growth.
Day 6. First onion sprouts.
Day 10. Onions


Day 18

Our usual performers are doing well. California Orange
Mirasol Pepper

The peppers seem to have started off a little faster this year, maybe due to the seed warming mat. They are about the size that our peppers were last year at one month, instead of 18days. There are still a lot of empty pods that have had no germination. 
The temperature module is working pretty well at keeping the soil right around 80degrees. It has a harder time when the room is cool, but it still works well enough. 

We planted the onion trays with different patterns to see what works best for us. The tray above was seeded by sprinkling the seeds on the soil surface
The one shown here was a bit more purposeful in rows. 

Pretty good start so far to our seedling endeavors. 

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