Thursday, December 1, 2011

Off to the Woods We Go.

We have been going to the Colville National Forest to get firewood for a couple of years now. Never have we gone in conditions like this. There was over a foot of snow on the logging road, and my car which has four wheel drive and never gets stuck, got stuck. I had to chain up, and even then, it was treacherous.

We brought the dogs, and Juliette had a blast. She loves to look for squirrels.
Running and jumping through the snow.

Despite the snow, it was beautiful up there.

Khma decided to stay in the car for the most part.
Our trailer holds a half cord of wood, so it's not a lot of wood for the effort. The scenery is nice though.

Thanks for reading!


Callie said...

Beautiful! Looks like our woods in the snow. No snow yet. Morgan loves the snow too,

Mike said...

I remember that Morgan likes the snow. Dogs that like the snow are they best! Aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Hey.. That BIg White Beast camouflaged by all that snow brought home another full cord of wood!!