Monday, December 5, 2011

Friendly Deer

This fall a nice fellow was right outside our door nibbling on the orange tree.

This is probably the reason the orange tree hasn't grown very much yet.
He doesn't seem to mind the birds at all.
Then he moved to the tree with the orange berries that are supposed to be inedible.

Doesn't seem to care.
They must taste alright.

Thanks for reading.


InHarmony said...

I have honestly never seen a deer come so close to anyone, let alone anything to do with humans. I love how the deer is just wondering around the yard and all the chickens, ducks and geese wondering "what the heck?!"

Mike said...

The deer around here seem pretty tame when it comes to getting close to you. Sometimes I will see them out in the field drinking from our stock pond while the geese are swimming in it. Most animals around here seem to get along pretty well. We also feed our chickens extra produce from the garden. The deer will nearly come into the house for that.