Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fall Walks on the Farm

Kelsi and I are lucky enough to not have to leave home to take the dogs on a walk. During the fall is especially nice, since the field grass is not as tall and the tics have long since disappeared from the blades of grass along the deer trails.
We usually head up the upper field since there are many game trails. On this walk we kept hearing a noise behind us. We looked, but did not see anything. 
Weird, what was that noise?
Was it you Julies?

Julies: "Not me"

I see something coming down the trail; what is it?
Hard to tell.


She likes to follows on walks!
Once we start heading back all the animals run for the bottom of the hill.

We found Matilda waiting on this old farm tire.

And Khma was anxiously waiting near Matilda.

Thanks for reading!


Stephen Page said...

cool shots.

Mike said...

Thanks! They are even from my phone camera!