Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Product Approval by Test Subject: 07112010

Disclaimer: The Halpern Homestead in no way supports or encourages animal testing. Please do not repeat the tests you are about to see.

Test Subject: 07112010 A.K.A. Matilda
Purpose of Test: To determine comfort and safety of baby related items.

Item: Rocker/Glider 

Result: Approved

Item: Crib.

Result: Approved

Item: Bouncer

Result: Approved

Item: Changing table

Result: Approved; Additional approval provided by Canine 06162006(Khma)

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JeffJustJeff said...


Anonymous said...

You are Cwazeeeeeeee!!!!!

Amy said...

Which Khma is that?

Kelsi said...

That would be Khma Matilda.