Sunday, September 11, 2011

Itty Bitty Little Tomatoes.

We are loaded with cherry sized tomatoes right now. Every 3-4 days we pick another large bowl full.
We had more than we can eat and we don't want them to go bad. Tomatoes this small are a pain to can because they have to be peeled, so that's not a fun option. What we are left with is fresh salsa or dehydrating. We have already made some salsa, so we started drying them.
5 dehydrator trays produced 4 cups of dried tomatoes.

I picked another large bowl yesterday.
Today the dehydrator is loaded again today and will give us 4 more cups of dried goodness. 

These tomatoes are a great thing to have in the cupboard. You can add them to pastas or pizza and they will plump up a bit. Or drop them in the food processor with a little water and you can make your own tomato paste for spaghetti night.

Thanks for reading!


K-Koira said...

Those are adorable tiny little tomatoes.

Mr. H. said...

Very nice...sounds and looks like you are having an excellent tomato season.

Lindsey said...

What are you going to do with dehydrated tomatores?

Mike said...

We will put them in pasta or on pizza. You can also add water and grind them up to make tomato paste