Friday, August 26, 2011

Camping at Priest Lake

This past weekend was my last weekend of freedom for a while. I started back at school on Monday.
So, we took the opportunity and went camping at Priest Lake in northern Idaho. It is a place we have been to a few times in the last two years, but never like this. We loaded up all of our gear into a 12ft aluminum boat. We traveled to the upper lake of the Priest Lakes. You have to boat through a 2-mile long thoroughfare to get there which is a no wake zone, so it takes a while. After we finally made it out of their we continued to four mile length of the upper lake to the northern most part where we made camp.
We made camp just a few feet from the water on a nice sandy beach.
Kelsi took this neat picture of the fire.
While we camp, we still try to eat like we do at home. Fresh ingredients and good food.
This pesto pasta was made from our homegrown basil.
Turned out pretty tasty too. Kelsi froze cubes of pesto in individual sized portions, so you can just add them to warm noodles.
Breakfast. Veggie scramble. Spinach, peppers, mushrooms, and onions with eggs from Halpern's Happy Hens.
Veggie pizza! With wild edibles!
BBQ whole corn, my personal favorite.
We also had to have some tomato juice, just to make sure we had enough veggies. With some spirits of course :) and cayenne and pepper too. 
We also found this giant huckleberry bush behind our camp site.
It was loaded!

It really got us excited for finding more wild edibles.
I tried my luck at catching some fresh lake trout. Ended up catching my share of perch and small bass. I didn't catch anything worth filling though.
We went on search of some hiking trails in the boat. On the way we found these. Wild chives, lakeside.
Picked picked enough to sauté and add to our pizza that night.
We found a nice mountain trail that followed a stream for a while before diverting into the mountain.

We found hundreds of huckleberry bushes up this trail. We were too late by a couple weeks for most of the bushes. However, in the shade we did find a good amount of bushes with berries still on them. 
We ended up with one small bags worth. The other two below it are from the last camping trip earlier this year. We found a huge patch. 

Now we have two picking locations that we know are loaded. We will return next year!

The girls had fun too. Khma basked in the sun.
Julies played in the mud.

Good trip. We look forward to harvesting more wild edibles in the future. So much fun!

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K-Koira said...

That looks like a really fun camping trip. I'm so used to huckleberries being red though, blue huckleberries just look strange.