Friday, July 29, 2011

Something Disturbing in Las Vegas

Last month Kelsi and I went to Las Vegas for a relative's graduation. It was good, we had fun.
A friend of my father-in-law showed us around one night. He took us to a really nice restaurant/shopping center that must have cost a fortune to build.

He walked us through this fish market style area within a restaurant in order to get to a balcony with a nice view.
It was a nice concept. Pick your fish.
Pick the vegetables to go with it (from the Hollywood Farmer's Market I was told)

What a great idea!
Until this lady came by with a spray bottle.
When she sprayed the lobsters they would start moving their tentacles and flailing about. This was pretty disturbing to us.
Kelsi and I treat the things we eat with respect, especially when it comes to something that is living. Seems pretty cruel to keep these live lobsters on ice until someone chooses them for dinner. We believe in treating the living food you eat as you wish to be treated. Imagine being kept on ice for days on end waiting for someone to eat you.

Sorry for the rant, was just disgusted by this practice and wanted to share.

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flowerpower said...

I hear you in grocery stores they keep them in tanks alive until you pick one and then they stem it. stuff like this is what made me a vegetarian.

Lacey said...

Well that is totally disturbing :(