Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Garden on 7/3/11

 Spokane had an unusually wet and cold spring this year. This has delayed the growth on a lot of the plants in the garden. Seeds took longer to germinate and plants grew more slowly. Things are finally starting to look good around here. So, I wanted to share some photos of the progress.
The Alaska peas are over 4ft tall and are loaded with peas. They are one one side of the trellis shared with sugar snap peas.
The Sugar Snap Peas are really doing well. I don't think they were bothered by the cold spring. This one above is over 7ft tall.
They are growing so well that they are starting to take over the path.
The garlic is the best we have ever grown. They are massive.

As are the onions
And this 2ft tall lettuce bush!
Our cabbage plants are huge. We haven't grown them before, but the look larger than what would be normal.
Unfortunately, Johnny, our apple tree died sometime this spring.
At the base of Johnny we have a ton of volunteer marigold plants growing from plants of the last year.
Our potato bed is more like a forest. It appears the growth in the raised bed has been greater than the ones we planted in the garbage cans.

I'm the king of the potato forest!
Our first zucchini of the season
The strawberry bed is nearly as massive as the potatoes
We have two Roma plants that are loaded with big green tomatoes already

A couple of the plants are over 4ft tall already.
The cilantro I planted two months ago finally sprouted.

That's it. Thanks for reading!

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Vegetable Garden Cook said...

Looks great! I'm south of you, in Portland, so our weather is about the same. It's been a great year for garlic, hasn't it? Funny though, even though our spring was wet and cold last year just like this year, the garlic was awful. Hopefully the weather will stay warm!