Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I work in a pretty busy place. I run a lot and I am usually hungry.
So I pack a big lunch. It's a good time of year for my lunch. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies from our garden or the farmer's market. My coworkers are always interested in what I pack for lunch since it is usually healthy and has a great deal of variety. They also love to make fun of me because I always have my food in glass bowls. Lots of bowls. Oh well, it's good to be different.
Sprouts, mushrooms, and jalepeno sandwich
I have been eating two cups of these a day, all week at work. We picked a huge bowl of peas earlier this week and they sure are good eating!
This recipe is a must try. It is a spaghetti with grilled ratatouille. We have had it twice in the past week and it sure is good! Since we have made it twice, there have been plenty of leftovers to take to work. Pretty healthy too, a little oil and a little cheese, so not too much fat. 

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Mr. H. said...

Dang, that's on heck of a nice lunch you have packed for yourself...I like it.:)