Thursday, July 28, 2011

Donald Duck

We recently adopted a new duck. His owner was headed off to the military, so we took him in.
His name is Donald and he is pretty cool! He is so tame, he doesn't mind being held and he usually doesn't freak out when you get close to him.
He is little, and has a small voice. So no noise from him
He tried to say hi to the webbed footed flock on arrival. The put their noses up at him.
Then pretended to be busy and not notice him standing there.
When that failed, they all ran!
All alone for the first day.

That didn't last long. Took a couple day, but now donald is a happy member of the webbed flock. Welcome to the homestead Donald!

1 comment:

John Gray said...

we have a tame drake
he constantly tries to shag the hens!!!