Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Trip to Oregon, Packed Full of Pictures

This week Kelsi and I had the opportunity to make a quick trip down to Oregon to see our new nephew who was born last week. The city we went to was six plus hours from the homestead.  We left Tuesday and came home yesterday. It was a long, quick trip.
Kelsi didn't mind though. Any of you who know Kelsi, know that she loves any excuse to play with baby stuff. Like this moby (baby holder thing).

We have been to this part of Oregon before, but not wearing our 'farm' eyes.
I have decided that this part of Oregon would be a great place to buy land and start a sweet farm! Look how green it is! I realize that the growth and the lush green vegetation is a result from daily rain. But still, I can dream.
In the farm land surrounding Forest Grove, every farm seemed to have an acre or two dedicated to tree farming or potted shrubs/bushes. Maybe a good location for the Halpern Homestead's greenhouse?
We saw some cool animals eating some hay. That pretty much make's a good day, any day.
Most of the farms had some sort of grape vines growing too. This vineyard had acres upon acres of these beautiful rows.
Beautiful land.
We also found this beautiful barn along one of the roads we drove down. We want one just like this some day.
Rich colors.
The driving team! 
Can you see the baby fever in those eyes?
Every acre seems to be planted with something different. I really appreciate the vast variety planted here. Much better than Eastern Washington. Brown wheat fields or this?

Columbia River

We came home to this big basket of eggs. 

All in all, it was a good trip.

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chook said...

oregon has such rich geology; i never get tired of the view! but the flip side is the rain, the endless endless rain.

which just happens on hiatus for the weekend. YAY!