Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Down Side to Being a Long Haired Hippie Chicken

Meet Roberta AKA "Bob". Bob is a Black Crested White Polish, or a long-haired crazy chicken.
The problem with the long hair is clearly demonstrated in this photo. Bob cannot see things above her, which happens to be a lot of the world! Bob has no idea that Julies is standing above her. She seems to be oblivious to any direction you approach her from. She will only notice you when your right under her beak. The white color on the head also makes her easy to spot by the flying predators. This is a problem for free range chickens.
As most of you know, I love the hippie hair. As of this spring I had long hair too, so I understand how Bob feels. The hair really does obscure the peripheral vision. 

So what is a young homesteading couple to do in a situation like this?
A haircut of course.
Walter came over to give Bob some kisses during the trim.
Bob had the eye of every animal in the house.
Watching his every move.
Carefully watching.
Here is the after photo.
Kinda of a poopy cut job. Home haircutting is trendy right?

The great thing about Bob is that she has no fear. She'll walk right up to you and saw hello. 
Well, curiosity killed the cat right? We have had overly curious/confident chickens before. They don't last too long here. Jump the wrong fence, hang out alone in the far field, and general misbehavior. Oh well. Hope the haircut helps her vision.

Maybe Juliette will keep an eye on her?


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Mary Ann said...

Hey! I have a polish hen that lays a beautiful egg daily, though she is getting long in the tooth. (and beak!). I never thought of cutting the feathers around her eyes, but because of your post, I'm GOING TO! Thanks!