Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Tragic Story of Sophie the Goose Part 2

In yesterday's post the world was told about the tragedy of Sophie. Now it's time to find out how Pierre has been dealing with the loss for the last 12 days. The change in Pierre has been kind of refreshing.
Pierre now spends her days following me around.
Whenever I am outside
She is faithfully trailing behind me.
She waddles faster to keep up with me when I get to far away.
She studies me from top to bottom.
She especially loves to do projects with dad. Even wheelbarrow rides! 
She waits patiently outside the greenhouse until I finish working. We used to let her follow me in. She is no longer allowed. She likes to taste everything! If I take too long, she starts walking circles around the greenhouse and honking very loudly until I come out.
She stands next to me when I am still, so that I will pet her.
She even gives kisses.
Lots of them.
She likes to rub her head on me too.
She especially likes to have her chest rubbed.
Here is a video of her following me yesterday.
And here is a video of when we were first introducing her into the flock last year. Not much has changed I guess.

I hope you enjoyed the photos! Pierre has been so sweet the past two weeks. I don't want it to change. I really enjoy all the extra attention from her, even though I know it is a result of her loneliness. I hope she stays this sweet after we add new geese to the flock.

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Kelsi said...

Im amazed I have to share my husband with a silly goose! Good thing I love her so much!