Monday, May 9, 2011

Rufus the Rooster

For those of you who have chickens you will already know what I am talking about. Some chickens have a wonderful ability to make you love them.
This lil guy is Rufus. He is a Cochin. He is one of the baby chicks we got this spring.
This is his baby picture.
Not only is he handsome. He is turning out to be quite the perfect gentlemen.
He watches out for his ladies. He finds all the good bugs for them and promptly alerts them when he has a good find so they can come eat it too. He is even practicing his mating dance as well as the actual mating. He still needs some work, but he is getting there.
When entering the chicks yard he usually comes out to greet us and he likes to be held. Can't ask for much more in a chicken.

This is Fancy, she is a cochin. She is one of our very first chickens and one that we adore very much. I hope they become great friends when Rufus becomes bigger.

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