Monday, May 30, 2011

Potted Pepper Method

The traditional last frost date for the Spokane area is said to be May 15th. So, you should be able to plant tomatoes and peppers on the 15th according to that recommendation. We have found that in our area, this date is not accurate. We have lost warm weather plants to frost as late as June 10th. Because of this, when we do plant our tomatoes and peppers we use great caution. We check and double check the forecast for the week. Then we go for it if all is 'clear'.
Yesterday 5/29/11 was that day. It was beautiful and sunny all afternoon. We are trying a method for our peppers this year that we had some success with last season.
We are planting all of our peppers and eggplant in pots, in the ground. The reason behind this is so that once the flowers are pollenated and we are near the end of the season. We can move the plants inside to the greenhouse. We can extend the growing season by a good month within the greenhouse. We tried this method with a few plants last year and had some success. 
This year we went all out. All 10 of our pepper plants and all 4 eggplants are in pots, in the ground.

To underscore the unpredictability of Spokane's weather.
Shortly after I finished planting, a wind and rain storm came to our area. Strong winds and tropical down pour. Somethings you just can't predict. I guess we should leave the row cover on for a few days.

Least the pees don't mind a little rain.

How is your garden doing?

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