Thursday, May 19, 2011

Plant Sale 5/21/11 10am-2pm

We will be having a greenhouse sale on Saturday May 21st from 10a-2pm at our house on the top of the south hill. All plants are started from organic and/or heirloom seeds and are grown without the use of chemicals or fertilizers. We grow with basic potting soil(no fertilizer or chemicals) mixed with organic matter from our chickens and other compost, then we add water and love. We sold out of most of our tomatoes and peppers at our sale last weekend, but we have a ton of squash plants which are looking especially healthy!

Email me if you are interested and I will send you my address.

The quantities and prices of each plant are listed below.

Eggplant $2: Black Beauty-9, Long Purple-7

Swiss Chard-3 50cents

Broccoli-5 free

Yellow Onion-3 50cents

Cabbage- 1 50cents

Tomatoes $6, plants are already 18in-2ft tall: Green Zebra-6, Tigerella-1

Orange Pepper-1 $2

Mirasol Hot Pepper-11 $2

Cucumbers $1: Lemon-4, Homemade Pickle-4, Suyo Long-5

Squashes $2-3: Hubbard-20, Butternut-17, Underground Sweet Potato-7, Green/White Crookneck Squash-16, Cocozelle Bush Zucchini-7

Strawberries $3 (cut from our garden)- June bearer and day neutral-26, We also have decorative strawberry hanging baskets for $15

Sunflowers $2.50

If you are interested in coming by send us an email and I will give you directions. If you are planning on coming up and you have extra pots around the house you don't want, bring them up and we will gladly reuse them


27in tomatoes! 

Thanks for reading! 

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