Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pierre is Expecting!

Yesterday we found this odd sight in the chicken coop. 
This butt facing out is a lot bigger than the usual butts we see in the roost boxes. There is also a bunch of straw in the nest box which we didn't put there. We usually use paper shreds in the boxes instead of straw or hay. So, whoever is in this box must have put all that straw in there before climbing in.
Oh! Hello Pierre. What are you doing?
Oh hi! Im just, well, um, IM......
Sitting on an egg!
It's a bad photo, but sure enough. Pierre is setting on an egg. 
Since the geese have started using the pond we put in, we have noticed a great increase in the amount of mating between Sophie and Pierre. We are hoping for some babies this time!

A history of Pierre:
Pierre was not well liked by the other webbed footed friends when "he" came home with us on that wonderful day. It took a long time for the flock to except "him". We were told Pierre was a boy and Sophie, our other goose was a girl. We have found this to be total opposite. Pierre is the girl. Sophie is the boy. 
So, Kelsi and I got a lot of special attention from "him". "He" thought we were his parents. "He"followed us everywhere.
"He" especially loved to be held
It took a while, but eventually the flock took "him" in.
"He" still likes to be held every once in a while.

But "he" eventually became very independent. 
Earlier this spring Pierre made a nest in the middle of the coop. "He" would attack our feet whenever we walked by. So I guess the roost box is an improvement! Least he won't bite us when he's in there. (hopefully)

Have your geese ever hatched there own eggs? Any advice for us? We are pretty much on the side of letting nature do it's thing. We see no reason why Pierre shouldn't be able to do this all by herself. Like in nature.

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