Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pierre Gets Some Companions

As you can see here, we found out how Ms. Pierre was dealing with the loss of her life partner, Mr. Sophie. She seemed very lonely. It broke my heart. So, after perusing craigslist for a over a week and coming up dry, I finally found a nice couple that had rescued two paired geese and were trying to find good homes for them. They arrived the same day I contacted the couple and we made a nice trade by giving them some of the plants from our plant sale for the new addition to our family.

Introducing.... Gloria and Russell!

Gloria is a female African Goose.

Russell is a male Chinese Crested Goose.

They love each other and I think it is so stinkin' cute. 

When they first arrived, Pierre was a bit wary. As you can see from the below picture, you can see that Pierre is on the far right and really was not interested in the new additions.

Russell sure is loud, but he is sweet. Gloria is timid, but kind. They havent quite figured out how to get into the pond yet, but enjoy drinking from it. Hopefully, Pierre will soon teach them.

Since their arrival, Pierre has warmed up to them. She now does not leave their side and has since been mated by Russell and allowed it.  I think she is getting over the loss of Sophie. Which is good, because it helps me heal also. 

Happy spring!

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