Monday, May 23, 2011

How we relax at The Halpern Homestead

It has been busy at The Halpern Homestead ever since the weather has finally turned for the better in Spokane. With all the work in the garden and the greenhouse, we have been very busy. Our busy spring schedule has been hard on the animals too! 
We always have the animals running around, coming, and going at all hours.
So when the time is right, our animals like to rest. Like walter here, taking a break in the lawn.
Or Khma, resting on the sidewalk.
Henry's dirt nap!
Juliette, resting by the tree, looking over the land.
Greenhouse naps are a must when helping mom and dad run the greenhouse sale.
Dust baths and naps.
Hammock naps.
Pillow hogging naps.
Raised bed naps.
Hoses are the best nose pillows naps.
Daddy's lap naps!

Hope you animals are enjoying the warm weather as much as ours are!

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