Saturday, May 7, 2011

Greenhouse Sale 5/14/11


The following plants will be available for sale at our greenhouse this next Saturday May 14th.
9am til 1pm

All plants are started from Heirloom and/or Organic seeds or seed saved from our own garden.

The quantities of each plant are listed below

Eggplant: Black Beauty-15, Long Purple-10
Swiss Chard-5

Bok Choy-3


Yellow Onion-10

Lettuce- 4

Tomatoes: Yellow Pear-12, Cherry Tomato-12 , Roma Paste Tomato-12, 
Green Zebra-13, Brandywine-12, Tigerella-12

Orange Pepper-18

Mirasol Hot Pepper-18

Cucumbers: Lemon-12, Homemade Pickle-15, Suyo Long-20

Squashes: Hubbard-21, Butternut-22, Underground Sweet Potato-12, 
Green/White Crookneck Squash-19, Dark Green Zucchini-7, Cocozelle Bush Zucchini-17

Strawberries (cut from our garden)- June bearer and day neutral-51
Sunflower- Mammoth-36, Ornamental Mix-36(Great colors for cut flower bouquets)

If you are interested in coming by send us an email and I will give you directions.




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