Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The free seeds came today!

At the end of March I posted a link for free organic seeds. Im not sure if anyone followed the link, but ours came today.
Here's a list of the packets that we got: 
Lutz salad leaf beet, chioggia beet, two packages of rainbow inca corn, 2- cilantro, galilee blue double larkspur, arugula, endurance sunflower, 2- corno di toro sweet peppers, 2- pizza peppers, 3- barcarole lettuce, mesclun salad mix, cascadia bush snap pea, 2-black eggplant, 3- champion radish.

All for the price of shipping! Seeds of Change aren't cheap either. They are usually 3-4 dollars a packet. What a sweet deal! Thanks Jennifer for emailing this to me. 

Did you get any free seeds? Anything different? 



Jessica said...

I read your post and ordered free seeds for our farm. We got 100 seed packs for about $15 in shipping. Thanks for the post!

Mike said...

Awesome! I wish they had offered the deal sooner in the year. Most of the seeds will have to wait until next year unfortunately.