Sunday, May 29, 2011

For Dinner This Week: Bok Choy

We grew some delicious Bok Choy in the greenhouse this year!
Check out how big those leaves are!
Some of the leaves are even bigger than my head.

That being said. With a big harvest of Bok Choy in hand, it was time to make dinner. The bok choy went from the greenhouse to our mouths in less than an hour. Can't get much more fresh than that!

I choose this recipe from Delicious spicy bok choy in garlic sauce.  
The sauce is really the best part.
After sauteing the bok choy, you cover it with the sauce.
We served the recipe over brown rice. This is the best recipe for bok choy we have ever had. Spicy, sweet, and mouth watering. A complexity of flavors in each bite. I strongly recommend! 

What is your favorite bok choy recipe?

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