Friday, May 27, 2011

Booby Trapped Greenhouse

This is Herman, Herman is a Venous Fly Trap and North American Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia) plant, planted together. He resides in the greenhouse during warmer months and inside the house during the winter. I bought this plant when I was in Portland a couple years ago. The venous fly trap hasn't really come back yet since over wintering the plant. The Sarracenia is growing strong though and has these long beautiful hollow tubes that attract the insects down. The insect is then trapped and dissolved by enzymes so that the plant may use that insect as food! Learn more about the process HERE
Looks like a great place to crawl into right?
Some days I like to inspect the plant and see if I can see any bugs trapped in those long tubes.
That's when I saw this bee. He had chewed a hole about half way down the tube. In this hole the bee was half in the tube and half way out.
If you click the picture you can see where the wasp has chewed a hole to get out. The bee is still alive in this photo. I tried to help him get out with a little stick. It wasn't helpful, the little bee tried grabbing the stick, but when I pulled the stick the bee was too weak to hold the stick. Since I am not a big fan of being stung by bees, I had to leave him there. Being digested by wonderful enzymes.

This is a wonderful plant for the greenhouse. It helps trap all sorts of little flying bugs that could be eating your plants instead. Very rarely does it catch a bee. I would recommend one to everyone. Beautiful, nice conversation piece, and easy to care for. 
I bought it when it was this size for around ten dollars at some sort of street fair in Portland. Here is the website They have a schedule of events on the website. I really love this plant!

Do you plant any exotic plants? Any recommendations? I would love to expand to several more varieties of exotic plants.


K-Koira said...

Not something I've planted, but if you like carnivorous plants, you should try to check out the Darlingtonia park on the Oregon Coast. They have tons of carnivorous plants that are native to the area.

Mike said...

Headed to Portland next week for a couple of days. I will have to look that up. I am so intrigued by carnivorous plants. The venous fly trap that was growing with it was really awesome! Hopefully it comes back