Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An update on Tomatoes and Peppers

The grow station at the Halpern Homestead is a busy place this time of year. We have 72 tomato plants in 4in square pots under the lights now.
The view from above is one of my favorites. Looks like a rainforest canopy. 
This lil fella is already 8in. The stem is thickening up too which we love to see. Almost time to upgrade pot size again!
This starts have grown so much since 4/2/11 when this photo was taken. Tomato starts
We have this tray of peppers and egg plants which I mentioned in an earlier post. As a recap, all of the pellets of 3 different types of peppers never sprouted.
So, today we tried to salvage what we had left.
First I had to sort our the map! Sometimes it's not as easy as it should be!
The seeds that failed where the red pepper, Jalapeno, and Pasilla.
Instead of thinning the pellets that contained multiple sprouts, as we would normally do. We broke up the pellets and planted all the sprouts that each pellet contained. 
It took a couple hours, but anytime spent in the greenhouse is worth it!

All of the plants are tucked back into the warmth of the grow station for the night.
I feel like you can sense the plants' happiness after they have just been transplanted into a bigger pot. If plants could talk.......


Lacey said...

Looks awesome! Are you guys going to be selling some starts?

Mike said...

Yes! We sell a lot of starts! Are you interested? You can email me for details.