Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Swimming Hole

This past fall, Kelsi found this 300 gallon stock tank on craigslist for pretty cheap. We are going to use it now for the ducks and geese to swim. Later when we have bigger animals, we can use it for watering them. 
We filled this more than a week ago and we have still not been able to convince the webbed-footed gang to actually get in it. On the right, you can see the staircase we built for them. We even put a platform in the pond to help them get out.
We had to wait for the ground to thaw before leveling a place for it to set. We choose right next to the garden so we can take the "mineral" rich water and use it in the garden if needed. Also, if for some reason our water supply is no longer available, we can use this water in the garden to get us by for a little while. Ideally, some day we can have it hooked into a rainwater collection system to further our goal of becoming more self sufficient. Baby steps.
Look at that view! Why won't they just go for a swim? They liked their little crappy pond much better than this. They swam in it the first day!
I even added a big bag of fish to coax them in. No luck yet. The only animals that seem interested so far are the cat and the dog.

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chook said...

i'd swim in it!