Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Greenhouse Sale Tomorrow!

When I get home from school tomorrow we will be having our first greenhouse sale of the season. We don't have much to sell at this time. Just a few little things. We are just testing the demand for cold weather crops. Most people seem to be just interested in tomatoes and peppers. It will be interesting to see what is popular and not. Available:
Lettuce Plants-12
Broccoli- 12
Cabbage- 6
Chard- 12
Onions- 30
Garlic- 6
Really not too much for sale, just a little.
I love lettuce. Beautiful plants!

We also solved our pot dilemma! I was referred to another local grower's BLOG by MR. H, when we were discussing ways to add more shelving space to a particular type of greenhouse that we all have. I was looking around The Beer Garden blog and noticed they use paper cups for pots. This is the solution we were looking for. Economical, compostable, and you can write on the cup! No more stick labels. 
Im not sure how well paper cups will work in the long run, but they are more than 10cents cheaper per each than the 4in square plastic pots. We usually don't get that many pots back from customers so we might as well use something that we won't miss.

Paper cups: Miracle solution to our problem? 
What do you use? 

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