Sunday, April 10, 2011

For Dinner this week

I love beets! They were reasonably priced this week at the store so we bought a bunch. A couple days ago we had oven roasted beats with sauteed beet greens and stems. We have made this recipe a few times before and it is so delicious! 
I always add ingredients that aren't called for when I cook. If you try this recipe, I added mushrooms before the onions and garlic, and I added feta cheese at the end. I have added fresh diced hot peppers with the onions in the past and that is also good. You can add the stems sooner than the leaves if you want softer stem. I personally like the crunch of the stem in contrast the the wilt of the beet leaves. Serve over your favorite noodle. Red wine vinegar on the whole beets! Delicious!

We plan to grow a ton of beets this summer.
What's your favorite beet recipe?
Thanks for reading! 


Mr. H. said...

This is the type of meal my wife and I just love...looks so good. Hope you have lots of luck with your beets this year and am glad to hear that you like them...most people don't.

Mr. H. said...

Thought you might find these pictures interesting....check out the extra shelves in her greenhouse. This is how I would like to set mine up.