Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vegetable Starts.

Kelsi and I did a small amount of business last year selling vegetable starts. We built a greenhouse and grew plenty to share. We are planning on doing the same this year. I was wondering what the interest level is? We are very reasonably priced and we grow only organic or heirloom varieties. We even seed save too! (Varieties from seeds saved indicated with '*') Furthermore, we use only plain dirt and our own compost and manure from Halpern's Happy Hens for the seed start mix, and potting mix. No chemicals or fertilizers added.

We plan to grow the following starts:
Eggplant- Black Beauty, _________?
Broccoli- Broccoli Di Ciccio, __________?
Cabbage- ____________?
Tomatoes- Yellow Pear, Heirlooms, ___________? Anything we/you want, we grew 6 varieties last year.
Sweet Pepper- _______________?
Hot Pepper- Mirasol*, Pasilla*, Jalapeno*
Squash- Hubbard*, Butternut*, Zucchini
Lettuce- Variety
Peas- Sugar snap
Strawberries- June bearer

* -saved seed

We aren't set on the varieties of each type, so If you have one in mind let us know and we will grow it for you! We are going to the seed store tomorrow for a lot of these (Tomato, Pepper, Cabbage, Brocolli), so let us know if you have a preference.



Mr. H. said...

How exciting, I wish you the best of luck with your plant selling endeavors.:)

Scott Mueller said...

Bummer. We just bought our seeds. We're getting some things going this weekend in fact. I like your greenhouse, does the plastic hold up ok with the snow we had this winter? We plan on building one next year and are just beginning to discuss designs. Tis year we're going to get our seeds started indoors.

Mike said...

No, the plastic we bought is terrible. Make sure you buy greenhouse grade plastic. We bought ours from Homedepot and it became very brittle after a few months. It now has lots of holes! We are re-doing the plastic in a couple weeks