Saturday, March 19, 2011

Maxed out our photo storage.

Does anyone use a third party site for photo uploads on blogger? We have maxed out our space and it costs money to get more space. I was wondering what other options are out there? Any advice.



Anonymous said...

You can upload them on Flickr as "public" and then use image url in the HTML code of your blogger post like so (enclose the code below in <> brackets, which i had to omit so it didn't think I was trying to put a photo in the comment box):

img src="url" alt="some_text"/

Scott Mueller said...

We use Flickr too. Al does a LOT of neat things with ours, and we use the Flickr gallery plug-in in all sorts of places on our site. It also has a lot of SEO benefits if you work it right.

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness blog said...

Also photobucket is another place.

Go into your Picasa photo albums and make sure you to not have duplicate photos. Most folks do and this takes up added space.

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