Thursday, March 10, 2011

Growing Things: Part 3

While I was on the subject of growing things I realized that the chicks should also fall into that category. The baby chicks are getting big! They are just about 2 weeks old now. They have out grown the storage tote in the office. Time to move outside! We also added two friends to the chicks' flock today.
This is the storage bin.
Now they are in the brooder box outside. Lots more room to grow out here.

I also wanted to show the growth difference in the chicks so far. You can see the first pictures of them for comparison HERE.
Bob,  the White Crested Black Polish
Louisa- Rhode Island Red
Rufus- Black Cochin
Denise- New Hampshire
Myrtle- Golden Sex Link
Myrtle again; isn't she pretty?
Allie- White Silkie

It's amazing how fast the grow. Now for the new arrivals....
This is Gwyneth- She is an Ancona. They are known for there ability to watch the skies for predators and alert the flock. Loudly too!
This is Gravy. Gravy is a Bronze Turkey. We had another turkey named Gravy last summer but he passed away when we were in Jamaica. He was introduced in this post.

Baby chicks are just the best aren't they? 

Thanks for reading!

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Curbstone Homestead said...

So adorable! I love seeing the true feathers peak through the baby fluff!