Thursday, March 17, 2011

The greenhouse plastic has arrived!

Today when I got home this was on the door step.

It's the greenhouse plastic I ordered a couple of weeks ago.
We originally used Husky brand plastic from Home Depot, it didn't even last the season. When it warmed up outside the plastic became brittle and flaked off. The south side had no plastic left!
So all winter we had the greenhouse covered up
We won't ever buy that plastic again. It was so much work to take it all off, and then pull out hundreds of staples that would probably cause the new plastic to tear.
Luckily we had help from this friendly cat.
Really a hard worker!
When he's not napping!
It took Kelsi and I nearly two hours, but we pulled out every last staple.

There's that cat again!
Tomorrow we are going to put up the plastic. Until then we have Skeletor the amazing greenhouse.

Thanks for reading!

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