Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bought the seeds!

Kelsi and I went to Northwest Seed and Pet today for our date night! It was great! We know it's dorky but we share a lot of excitement together when it comes to our garden. We selected and bought all of the varieties we want to grow. We had some help with ideas from a few friends like Mr. H from Subsistence Pattern. The last two years we mostly grew the conventional hybrid cheepo probable GMO varieties, so this year we wanted to get back to nature and start with all new seeds that we can TRUST. No more corporate trickery when it comes to our plants! All the seeds we bought are heirloom or organic, or both in some cases.

A guide to my writing:
O= Organic
H= Heirloom
* = From saved seed

We plan to grow the following starts:
Eggplant- Black Beauty-H, Long Purple-O/H

Broccoli- Broccoli Di Ciccio-O, Nutri-bud-O

Cabbage- Columbia-O/H

Onion- Newburg-O/H, Gladstone-O

Lettuce- Freckles-O/H, Romaine-O/H, Black Seeded Simpson-H, Buttercrunch Bibb-H,

Tomatoes- Yellow Pear-H, Cherry Tomato-O/H, Roma Paste Tomato-O/H, Green Zebra-O/H, Heirloom Rainbow Blend-H, Brandywine-O/H, Tigerella-O/H

Sweet Pepper- California Wonder(Red-O, Green-O, Orange-O)

Hot Pepper- Mirasol*, Pasilla*, Jalapeno*

Cucumber- Lemon-O/H, Homemade Pickle-H, Suyo Long-H

Squash- Hubbard*, Butternut*, Dark Green Zucchini-O, Cocozelle Bush Zucchini-H/O,

Peas- Sugar Pea Sugar Ann-O, Alaska-H

Beans- Blue Lake Pole Bean-O/H


Strawberries- June bearer

Sunflower- Mammoth-O, Ornamental Mix-O(Great colors for cut flower bouquets)

We are on Craigslist too if you are interested.

We bought a ton of seeds, mostly from Washington. We did support a couple companies from Colorado and one from New Mexico. I listed them below.
Irish Eyes Garden Seeds- Ellensburg,WA, 22 Varieties Purchased from them.
Botanical Interests- Broomfield,CO. 2 varieties purchased
Seeds of Change- Sante Fe New Mexico. 7 varieties purchased
Lake Valley Organics- Boulder, Colorado. 2 varieties purchased.
Hume Organic Seeds- Puyallup, WA. 2 varieties purchased.

So 24 out of the 35 seed packets we bought are from Washington. We spent 97 bucks on all that potential food.  Pretty darn good price for such great products. Obviously it's better to save seed, now we have seed worth saving!

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Mr. H. said...

Isn't it great to live within driving distance of such a great place to buy seeds.:) Also, Fredmeyer sells their seed for 50% off this time of year if you use the coupons they have hanging next to the seed's a great deal.