Sunday, February 20, 2011

Merè The Mighty

Cashmere or 'Merè'(Meer-eeee)as we call her, is our Black Silkie hen. She is small, but very powerful. She has the biggest personality for such a little fella. She was a chick just last spring. Now she is the broodiest hen we have. Every other month it seems that she is trying to sit on eggs. Usually when hens go broody they stop laying eggs. Merè has been broody for a week or two now and yesterday she started laying again even though she is broody. 
She wants to be a mamma so badly! It's kind of depressing. 
So, today when I pulled the eggs I marked her egg.
And gave it back to her.
She wasted no time pushing the egg back under her.
Way under her.

We do have two other hens that frequently go broody, but not near as much as Mere. They are pretty special too. Shown below is Fancy, or the 204 dollar chicken, read her story here. She is a Cochin and one of our favorites.
This hen shown below is Dori.
Dori is an interesting chicken to say it nicely.

She is known for her delirium. She runs around in psychotic tantrums, running in circles, yelling awful noises, she doesn't like be cornered, she especially doesn't want you to look at her, and she is great at just being a general nuisance. But we love her, even though she is crazy. Wont she make a great momma?
This Aurcana below is another favorite of ours. She never goes broody. She lays giant green eggs. She follows us everywhere especially to the garden and greenhouse, and she likes to be picked up. Cant ask for much more in a chicken. 
If you don't own chickens then you may not know that chickens all have different personalities. Some like to be held and pet, others just like your company. True some breeds share similar temperaments, and other characteristics, but each chicken is different in a great way. I guess that's why we love them so much. Do you love your chickens like we do? Tell us about it.

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Mr. H. said...

I always love hearing about your birds and a big hello to Mere.:) They really do have such diverse personalities.

It was a sad day at our little chicken ranch, I had to put down one of the older hens that had for some reason developed a respiratory issue...lots of wheezing for the past few days and getting worse each day...I couldn't bare to watch her suffer any more. The rest seem fine though and have been enjoying this snow-less winter just like yours.:)

I'm off to read about the $204 chicken.

Mike said...

Hey Mr. H, thanks for the nice comment. Im sorry to hear about your hen.It always makes me so sad when a hen is ill. They cannot tell you their symptoms and don't communicate nearly as well as our four legged friends. It's really hard. I still haven't been able to bring myself to put one down when they are I'll. We had to take a hen to the vet who was attacked by a dog. They had to put her down for us