Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An Injured Rooster

We have a rooster who appears to have gone lame on the left side. The foot appears flaccid, like he had a stroke. Right side seems intact. He can stand on his right foot for a small amount of time. Now we shouldn't be too upset because this young man is one of the terrorist rooster's shown responsible for attacks here and here. Still though, animal suffering is not something we like around here. 
I have been able to feed him and give him some water. I have some pictures here. Any ideas what has caused it? Any thoughts would be appreciated. We hatched this guy here a few months ago. He has had no vaccines or medicated feed, but the rest of the flock has been ok without medicated feed or vaccines. 
Lame foot?
Compare the two? The left has no muscle tension, just totally limp 
Just hangs down when I picked him up.
The only wound I could find on this guy was on his comb. Didn't look very bad though, maybe picked on because he was laying on the ground. I'm struggling with the decision to put him down, or to wait it out and hope for the best. He really cant walk at this point.

Thanks! Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Mr. H. said...

We have had leg injuries in our chickens twice before for unknown reasons. One of the times our hen had a very limp useless leg like your rooster but started limping around after a couple days and then eventually recovered. I guess I would consider isolating him for a day or two and if he does not improve you might have to put him down.

John Gray said...

hens run on very high blood pressures
they are therefore liable to stokes

I have had one hen which had similar symptoms which recovered

but it doesnt look good