Thursday, February 10, 2011


As most of you know, I am in nursing school right now and it keeps me pretty busy. I have a funny story that happened today at clinicals. We have a pretty strict dress code for us while at the hospitals, this code however, happens to not be gender specific. My instructor told me that some of the other instructors had engaged her in a conversation about my hair! This is funny to me because my hair is long, but not that long. I was likened to Justin Biebber(Whom I had to look up) or a hippie from the 60's and 70's. I decided that I didn't mind being likened to a hippie. That's not a bad thing right? 

-A lot of hippies started communes and were very self sufficient, as we strive to do! Quite well most of the time. We can, dehydrate, and preserve foods to last through the winter and we are slowly learning grow things and we are getting better every year! A married couple named Mr. and Mrs. H have a really nice model of self sufficiency on their blog
-Hippies are naturalist and support the environment! That's a great quality to have! We produce very little trash, we compost yards and yards of otherwise waste, and we buy chemical free cleaners and body care items. We diligently recycle even though there is no recycle service in our area and we have to take it in to a recycle center in the city.
- Hippies are often vegetarian or vegan or simply just healthy eaters. That's us too! We only eat meat we produce here, or from a source we can personally inspect and verify just and moral treatment of animals. 

I know hippies did a lot of other things, such as freelove and partaking in the use of psychedelic drugs that we don't do. However, I think that a lot of the moral values that hippies represented are great and should be carried on, especially in our disposable world we are living in.

On another note. The rooster I talked about last night has passed away. He went peacefully this afternoon in a soft bed of straw. Poor guy. Now Jane's babies are standing at 3 alive out of 7 hatched. Not a very good survival rate.

We also cooked up one of our homegrown meat chickens tonight. Raised here, processed here, and eaten here, just how it should be done. We smothered it in Jerk Sauce that we bought while on our honeymoon in Jamaica. 


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Barbara said...

Just had to say that I am a Hippie that went thru the 60's and never did drugs or participated in free love. I know lots of Hippies who are not drug user but, everything else you posted. Sitting with my tye dyed hippie shirt typing this :)Just sayin
Not an attack but just to let you know not all Hippies did all they are sterotyped to have done.

Mr. H. said...

I'm proud to be a hippy too, you should see how long my hair gets in the summer.:) Hopefully they will not get too picky about your hair and allow you to keep it as you like...why on earth would we all want to look the same anyway.

You and your wife are doing a wonderful job of striving for a more self-sufficient lifestyle and I always look forward to hearing about your adventures in the good life.

So sorry to hear about your rooster, I wonder what was wrong with him as it does not sound like a typical leg injury.

"Got to get back to the land and set my soul free." - Joni Mitchell (Woodstock)

Mike said...

Thanks Mr. H! That means a lot. It does help that we have some good role models to look up to. I am learning a lot from your blog.