Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Halpern Homestead Gets a Visitor.

 Today when I got home from school I saw something flying over the chickens in the field. It is not uncommon for our chickens to be pounced on, cornered, or even picked up by hawks that are always flying around the surrounding fields. Today though, this was no hawk. It was much larger, darker, and had a white head. The bird flew off before I could get close enough to identify it.

About a half an hour later I left the house to go pick up our chicken feed order. I spotted a big bird with a white head in a neighbor's field. I thought, "weird, I didn't know they had a goose". On my way back from getting feed; the bird was still there. So I went home really fast to get the camera. I used the lens to zoom in and I knew what I had in my sights!
A bald eagle!
We do have eagles around the Spokane/CDA area, a lot of them. Mostly though, they hang around the water areas like Liberty Lake and Lake CDA. That's twenty or so miles away from us. It is weird that this guy was so far from the water. I usually think of bald eagles as fish eaters since I usually see them near the water.
Now, I couldn't get close enough to not have to use my maximum zoom but, it appears that this guy is feeding on an animal carcass.

This is from the back side of where the photos above were shot. 

I tried to get closer so that I could take bigger photos. As soon as I crawled through the fence he flew off. A huge bird and an awesome site for our farm land surrounded by miles of fields. This was a first time for me, seeing an eagle around here. Hopefully not the last.

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Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ah!! Magnificent! I'm so glad you were home to see it!! Bald eagles are incredible to see, aren't they? So exciting.

John Gray said...

oh wow amazing!

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