Thursday, January 13, 2011

We Really Don't Like Cats

When Kelsi and I first got together a few years ago, we were both very much dog people and still are. We never thought we would own a cat, I mean what's the point? They just nap all day right? That's not all true, they mouse too. We found a need for a cat this fall when our produce was being eaten by rodents. We first enlisted the help of Henry who was introduced a couple months ago. He get's a lot done in the day. Little nap in the corner over here.
A nap with Juliette over here 
* Please excuse the unmade bed, it is hard to make when the animals think that it's their bed too.
 Maybe a nap in this big brown bag? I bet Juliette wont fit in here.
 She may not fit, but she'll try.
 Henry's a little crazy, but he has been pretty good to us and has really made us appreciate cats. He likes to be near us, he catches a lot of field mice, and he comes to his name when we call. Couldn't have asked for a better cat.

So, since Henry was so good to us we decided he needed a friend. Meet Walter. He doesn't photograph well because he is so dark. We adopted him from the humane society. He is a quite, reserved young man whose trust is earned. 
 Henry wasn't sure about him at first. Started out with a few hits
 Then some high speed chasing.
 A few more hits.
 Best friends for life. 
Now Henry naps with Walter instead of Julies. Although this is Juliette's bed
 Best picture of Walter I could get!

Thanks for reading!


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh, Walter is a handsome fella - that last picture is gorgeous! I'm so glad that Henry and Walter hit it off - there was a chance it could've gone the other way, you know. lol
I love cats, but I'm terribly allergic, so no indoor cats for us. sigh. Fun post.

Mr. H. said...

I had to laugh as we sometimes don't make our bed for the exact same is full of cats adn they also take over our dogs bed.:)

Anonymous said...

So nice of you to adopt from the humane society. I love my cats even if all they do is nothing but nap, eat and play. :)

Mike said...

Farmgirl- If you weren't so allergic to cats I would gladly trade them for your donkey boys!

Mr. H.- That's a daily thing around here. After morning potty breaks all of the animals get back into bed while Kelsi and I get ready for our day.

Barbara- You should see this place we adopted from. They have a cat room with 10-15 cats running around and playing in it. They live there in there, so when you go in to see them you can actually see them how they would be at home and how they interact with each other.

Farmer Jen said...

Beautiful cats!