Thursday, January 13, 2011

The vegetable storage rack that Kelsi and I got for Chanukah is working out great.
It's a little empty, as we are starting to run out of our summer savings.
We are nearly out of onions!
The potatoes are ready to plant.
I guess they forgot spring isn't for a couple months still.
The storage rack has really turned out to be a great addition to our preserving goals. The shelves are removable so you can take out a shelf to accommodate larger items. I would recommend one to all of my gardening friends. I want another one (or 3). They are sold here. Or if you are crafty and want to come over and measure, that's all right too. Although it is a bit pricy I think it's a nice product and well built. They also go on sale periodically.


Scott Mueller said...

Al and I will totally need to get some of these. Where do you keep yours? And what temp works the best for longer term storage?

Mike said...

We have an old canning room in our house that has canning shelves. It has cement walls on three sides, so it keeps very cold. Im not sure of the exact temp. I guess it varies depending on the weather outside. but it is generally cooler than the rest of our house. There is a great blog from a guy in Idaho called

These guys are the real storage experts. Might be worth a look. They grow a ton of food and store it in some really neat ways