Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sophie and Pierre? Who's the boy? Who's the girl?

Kelsi and I have a lot of birds, birds that have names, birds that have distinctive cackles and yells that we can tell apart. These are Birds that we know very well. That all changed last night when I found Pierre our "Male" goose sitting on a very large egg in a makeshift nest. A goose egg was under him. Sophie is our "female" goose, and I believe she laid the egg. But, Mr. Pierre sat on that egg last night, and again tonight, when I went to close the coop I found Pierre again sitting on giant eggs. 
He is very protective of his makeshift nest created in the center of our coop.
He yells when we enter the coop, very loudly too.
This in turn gets the other webfooted friends in a fury.
Lots of Yelling
Hissing at our feet
Oh, and biting. Hard bites too. Immediately after this photo, he grabbed onto my finger instead of my shoe and bit down. He has a very strong jaw.
Sophie was also on guard. She kept stretching her neck out to make herself look extra big.
Keeping a close eye on me.
Pierre on his little nest from above.
His bounty.
I haven't ever seen him so aggressive and territorial.
Ahh, that's better.

So, Kelsi and I don't know that much about geese I guess. Do male geese set on the egg? Or should we rethink our geese's names? I know male penguins incubate the egg while the female goes out to sea to feed. Is that what Pierre is doing? Either way I miss my friendly goose that I could pick up and hug. This 
 guy is in no mood to be hugged lately.

Even with the crazy geese commotion today we still got 19 chickens eggs and 2 duck eggs. We have also found a few really nice egg customers from Craigslist despite my doubts! So that's good. We usually sell out every few days!

Thanks for reading! 


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ha! Great story and great photos! I know next to nothing about geese, so I'll be of no help to you, but I think it's fascinating that the "next" would wind up, unprotected, in the center of the coop and not in a nest box. Do you think Pierre moved these eggs there? Are you going to let him hatch out the eggs?
I am, however, familiar with the hissing and aggressive manuevering geese do from the farm sanctuary I volunteer at and, wow, I wouldn't have wanted to have my foot in that shoe Pierre took hold of!
Again, great story - sorry about your finger (there's no price too high for a good blog post, right? lol). :-)

WeekendFarmer said...

: ) cool pics. My geese are driving me crazy...and I need to relocate them. Too much honking.

We had geese laying eggs and sitting and hatching for the last 3 years. I dont think I ever saw the male sitting on the eggs though. The females take turn on sitting on the eggs. They do relocate the eggs and move things about and make a nice nest. You might want to give them some extra hay for the nest.

If you give them a kiddie pool of can see their behviour (mating)...if they dont then Pierre needs a name change. If there is no Pierre then you might want to use up the eggs : )

Happy Spring!