Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A sad past few days on The Halpern Homestead.(Graphic Content)

We have had some real trouble inside the coop over the last four days. Kelsi and I tried again to mix some young chicks in with the flock. One-Eyed Jack, who was hurt a couple weeks ago, was hurt again a few days ago. She really is one-eyed now. Her good eye is gone and now all she has left is her bad eye. This Delaware hen below was hurt pretty bad today. When I got home from work I found her hiding in a corner shaking.
She had been pecked pretty good and her eyes are swollen shut.
She is also missing most of her facial feathers. 
I put her in the bath and washed all of her wounds as best I could. She looks so miserable. 
She is now inside a big tote in the office underneath a heat lamp. I think she will be ok once the swelling goes down. Her swelling has increased a great deal in just a few hours.
She has been drinking water which is a good sign.
We have also isolated a couple of young roosters whom I believe are responsible for the attack. They are available on CL if anyone wants some organic chickens.

We also need a name for this young lady. I figure a name for a sick chicken is good luck. Any suggestions?

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Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh nooooo! The poor girl...I'm so sorry. She's so lucky to have you two as "parents" - you're caring so well for her.
I, myself, am in the process of trying to introduce 3 new girls into my flock of 9 and it's been pretty rough so far, though no blood has been drawn.
I'm thinking good thoughts for your girl in the tote!

Mr. H. said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your hens...poor little things. We just introduced 7 new hens to our flock without incident, but we do not have any roosters. I hope the little hens are able to recover. This happened to us once too but it was with the roosters only. One was injured so badly I had to put it down. The other one we kept around for another year until it started attacking our grandson...then I put it down too...no more Rhode Island Red roosters for us.

You could call her Felicia if she recovers as I think it means "the lucky one."

Scott Mueller said...

Ack! Sorry to hear that guys!